Little Dolphins

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About The Little Dolphins Program

Little Dolphins

Little Dolphins provides instruction for novice swimmers, and Little Dolphins registration does not put your child(ren) on the swim team roster. The Little Dolphins program is run by the Town, not the team - and the team swim coaches do not necessarily teach it. (For those who are interested, private instruction can also be arranged via the Town.)

However, child(ren) who begin the season in Little Dolphins may graduate to the team at the suggestion of the instructors. In such cases, the team can arrange tryouts mid-season. Note, however, that child(ren) cannot swim in meets if not officially registered with the Swim Conference, and a waiting period is required after registration so they cannot, for example, register in the morning and swim in the evening.

Also note, novice (and very young) team swimmers who have qualified for the team may still benefit from Little Dolphins instruction in addition to team training time.

Details (times, etc.) are typically made available by the Town some time in June or early-July. Please contact the recreation office directly for more details, 764-0947.