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Parents have asked us how their children can be disqualified in summer swimming. Here we are posting links to videos that outline the legal/illegal strokes and turns of all four strokes.

We are posting these links so parents can get some idea of the technical points of the sport of swimming - IF THEY WANT TO. We urge you NOT to discuss these details with your children; the coaches are doing everything to instill legal technique.

At meets, please do not discuss 'DQs' with your child. If your child was DQ'd, a coach will discuss it with them later. On the day, though, even if your child was not swimming legally, it doesn't mean the official saw the infraction. THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW WHICH SWIMMER IS BEING DQ'D WHEN THE OFFICIAL RAISES THEIR HAND. THEY MIGHT BE LOOKING AT SOMEONE ELSE!

And even if your swimmer is disqualified, they have swum a good race, and potentially stopped the other team from scoring simply by finishing, and not leaving the lane empty. If you want more specifics on any technical issues, please approach a coach (after practice not during) or email


If you do want to view the videos, see the links below: